National Skills Standards Council

Establishment of the Industry and Skills Council Advisory Committee

The COAG Industry and Skills Council agreed to streamline governance arrangements and committees and involve industry in policy development and oversight of the performance of the VET sector at its inaugural meeting on 3 April 2014 (see Communique of meeting). As a result an Industry and Skills Council Advisory Committee will be established to provide industry with a formal role in relation to policy directions and decision making in the national training system. In addition, the National Skills Standard Council (NSSC) has been dissolved and its ongoing functions will be delegated to industry representatives and selected senior officials through the Industry and Skills Council Advisory Committee.

The Commonwealth will consult with states and territories on the composition and role of the Committee. It is envisaged that the new Committee will begin functioning in mid-2014.

Urgent matters relating to the national training system, including the endorsement of training packages, will be dealt with by Secretaries of departments in the interim, with Secretaries to consult with industry and advise the chair of the Council of any matters being considered.

Interim arrangements for VET standards and policies

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