Interim arrangements for VET standards and policies

Training Package reform – automatic updating of a training provider’s scope

From 1 July 2014, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) will automatically update a training provider’s domestic scope to include any new, equivalent version of a training product (qualifications and units of competency) they are already registered to deliver.

This will remove the requirement for a training provider to apply for a change of scope, and pay the required fee, to continue to deliver a training product that has been updated and endorsed as equivalent to the superseded product.

The Government understands the importance of having a consistent approach to the administrative requirements and fees affecting training providers. The Department of Industry is working with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority and the Western Australian Training Accreditation Council to implement a similar reform in those jurisdictions.

The Department is also working with ASQA and the Commonwealth Department of Education to extend the reform to the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). More information on this will be available shortly.

The reform applies to updated training products that have been deemed equivalent. Where revision of a training package qualification or unit changes the outcome, training providers will continue to apply to the regulator to change their scope of registration if they wish to continue delivering the endorsed, non-equivalent product.

The determination of equivalence is made by the relevant Industry Skills Council as part of the normal development and endorsement process.

ASQA will be responsible for ensuring a training provider’s scope is automatically updated in line with the new policy and will advise each training provider when changes to their scope are made.

Training providers who do not wish to deliver an updated, equivalent product that has been automatically added to their scope can chose to opt out by applying to ASQA to remove the item. There is no fee for this.

The superseded product will remain on a training provider’s scope of registration for twelve months unless the training provider applies to have the superseded product removed. There is no fee for this, however a product cannot be removed until all enrolled students have been appropriately managed.

No additional fees will apply for annual registration or renewal of registration due to a training provider having both superseded and new, equivalent products on scope. For more information, frequently asked questions and details surrounding this reform will be available from ASQA’s website.

On 3 April 2014, the COAG Industry and Skills Council agreed to dissolve the National Skills Standard Council (NSSC) and delegate its ongoing functions to industry representatives and selected senior officials through the Industry and Skills Council Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will begin functioning in mid-2014. Until the Advisory Committee is operational, interim arrangements have been established for both ongoing standards and policies, including the processes to submit Training Packages for endorsement. These are detailed below. 

What is the standing of current vocational education and training standards and policies?

During this interim period, while the Advisory Committee is being established, current VET standards and policies remain in place for the purposes of regulation. This includes the Standards for Training Packages. 

What does this mean for Training Package cases for endorsement?

Under this interim arrangement, Industry Skills Councils are able to submit Training Package cases for endorsement to the Commonwealth Department of Industry where there is a government or regulatory imperative in accordance with the out-of-session endorsement process outlined in the Standards for Training Packages.

Urgent Training Package endorsements will be dealt with by the Secretaries of departments, with Secretaries to consult with industry and advise the Chair of the COAG Industry and Skills Council of any matters being considered.

Where can stakeholders find further information on VET standards and policies, or Industry Skills Councils submit a case for endorsement?

All enquiries and submissions are to be directed to Mr Luke Behncke, Department of Industry at or on (03) 9954 2601.


New Standards and Policies for Training Packages 

Standards for Training Packages ensure Training Packages are of high quality and meet the workforce development needs of industry, enterprises and individuals. The Standards apply to the design and development of Training Packages by Industry Skills Councils (ISCs), which are then endorsed by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC). The Standards are developed by the NSSC, for endorsement by Commonwealth and State/Territory Ministers.

The Standards for Training Packages are supported by the following two policies:


Transition Timeline Diagram ThumnailThe Standards for Training Packages replace the Training Package Development Handbook (which includes the previous Training Package Development and Endorsement Process). Training Packages developed under the Training Package Development Handbook may be submitted for NSSC endorsement consideration up until 31 December 2013.

Please refer to the Transition Timeline for more details.


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