Standards for Training Packages

Purpose of the Standards

The purpose of the Standards for Training Packages is to ensure Training Packages are of high quality and meet the workforce development needs of industry, enterprises and individuals.

The Standards for Training Packages apply to the design and development of Training Packages for endorsement consideration by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC).

Training Packages - products

Standard 1: Training Packages consist of the following:

  1. NSSC endorsed components:
    • units of competency;
    • assessment requirements (associated with each unit of competency);
    • qualifications; and
    • credit arrangements.
  2. One or more quality assured companion volumes.

Training Packages - policy

Standard 2: Training Package developers comply with the NSSC Training Package Products Policy.

Standard 3: Training Package developers comply with the NSSC Training Package Development and Endorsement Process Policy.

Training Packages - components

Units of Competency

Standard 4: Units of competency specify the standards of performance required in the workplace.

Standard 5: The structure of units of competency complies with the unit of competency template.

Assessment Requirements

Standard 6: Assessment requirements specify the evidence and required conditions for assessment.

Standard 7: Every unit of competency has associated assessment requirements. The structure of assessment requirements complies with the assessment requirements template.


Standard 8: Qualifications comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework specification for that qualification type.

Standard 9: The structure of the information for the Australian Qualifications Framework qualification complies with the qualification template.

Credit Arrangements

Standard 10: Credit arrangements existing between Training Package qualifications and Higher Education qualifications are listed in a format that complies with the credit arrangements template.

Companion Volumes

Standard 11: A quality assured companion volume implementation guide produced by the Training Package developer is available at the time of endorsement and complies with the companion volume implementation guide template.

Standard 12: Training Package developers produce other quality assured companion volumes to meet the needs of their stakeholders as required.

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